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Did you know only one in ten Pastors actually retire as a Pastor?

Hosea 4:6 states that God's people perish for their lack of knowledge. At Guardian Promise, we are passionate and intentional about making sure all of our members are well equipped with the knowledge and understanding of the laws and benefits that are available to them.We partner with a network of leading service providers who strive to ensure that pastors and ministers have a full range of tools at their disposal in planning their retirement, which will allow them remain in the ministry longer while providing the opportunity for a secure retirement.  


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The Minister’s Plan for Retirement

A 403(b)(9) is a retirement savings plan for people who are working for non-profit, faith-based ministries and institutions. A 403(b)(9)  is like a 403(b)(7) or 401k plan but has the unique feature of offering a housing allowance in retirement to a retired minister of the Gospel. While some non-discrimination testing may apply, the plan is not subject to ERISA checks and requirements. For example, 403(b)(9) plans do not have to submit an annual 5500 report.

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Why We are the Best at What We Do

Guardian Promise has a network of leading advisors in the ministry field who undergo extensive training specifically targeting the retirement challenges pastors and ministers face, and who stay abreast of all current laws that are advantageous for pastors and ministers. Our network of advisors has over eighty years of combined experience in the financial services industry.

Our Passion for helping Pastors/Ministers

Guardian Promise was started from the strong passion of a former pastor of twenty-eight years, who became a financial planner. During his years as a pastor, he experienced first hand the challenges that pastors go through to take care of themselves and their families. The number of pastors staying in the ministry is decreasing. We can help change this trend to allow more of our pastors stay where they are so needed.

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At Guardian Promise, we offer a free consultation with one of our trusted advisors. to review your current church retirement plan and overall financial picture. We will help you determine if you are taking advantage of all the special benefits and laws that are available to pastors. We want to be your trusted partner and resource as you learn to navigate your retirement planning.